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Cast: Gopichand, Deeksha Seth, Jayasudha, Nassar, Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj, Chandra Mohan, Ali
Director: BVS Ravi
MusicDirector: Chakri
Cinemotograpy: Rasool Ellore
Editing: VT Vijayan
Screenplay: BVS Ravi
Dialougues: BVS Ravi
Lyrics: Bahskarabhatla Ravikumar
Producer: Venigella Prasad
Banner: Bhavya Creations
Presents: Bhavya Creations
Movie Genre: Action - Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2011

GopiChand,Deeksha,Prakash Raj,Chandra Mohan,Jayasudha,Brahmanandam,Subbaraju,Nassar,Ali,Raghu Babu,Benarjee,Shafi,Amjad Khan,Ahuthi Prasad,Chakri,Bhaskara Bhatla


Rambabu (Gopichand) is a pampered son who doesn’t care to work and his lovable parents don’t allow him to do any. He bumps into a girl Nandini (Deeksha Seth), who has a haunted past. From then on Rambabu sincerely tries to woo her but Nandini has other plans on the priority list. She has scores to settle down with a local don Basivi Reddy (Prakash Raj). What did Reddy do to her? What does she ‘want’ Rambabu to do for her? Is what we get to know in the rest of the story!

Second half is about villain’s search to reach the hero and teach him a lesson. The flashback of heroine too is revealed in this half. The brutal killing episode in this flashback reminds you of Atanokkade film. The only conflict or interesting element of this film should be the hero-villain confrontation. When the hero meets the villain at the interval point and puts a gun to his chest and returns back unhurt, there is no point in dragging the film for another hour. BVS Ravi’s screenplay lacked spine. He has written a wafer thin story and has given it a mindless treatment so that it hardly engages the viewer. Comedy track shot on Brahmanandam is another waste of time. Wanted doesn’t appeal to hardcore mass masala movie lovers too. Ravi should get his basics right if he ever tries to make a second attempt at direction.

Gopichand sleepwalks through his role. He has done such roles in the past and there is nothing to interest him/us to do/watch as Rambabu. Deeksha Seth doesn’t even know the ABCD of acting. She can’t dance and at least can’t confidently face the camera. She is just a pretty face who should be limited to a second fiddle. Chandra Mohan and Jayasudha who are generally natural are too loud in this film. Prakash Raj too looked bored throughout the film. Brahmanandam , Raghubabu comedy track failed to evoke any laughs. There is nothing to mention about the rest of the star cast.

Cinematography is alright. Dialogues written by Ravi himself are bad. Editing is standard. Chakri’s music didn’t have any mass numbers despite mass hero Gopichand playing the lead role. None of the songs are appealing. Background score is strictly Okay. Production values are fine. BVS Ravi who started off his career as a writer didn’t do anything exceptional as a writer to date. He is just any ordinary writer and with this film he proves he is better at writing than directing. Wanted is a bad film on every aspect and it is certainly not a film which we expect from a debutante.

Wanted story is as old as Himalayas. There is not a single scene which gives you satisfaction that you have watched something ‘new’ and ‘unseen’. Wanted takes the beaten to death track and also to beats the audiences to death! Director BVS Ravi might have thought he has taken a ‘safe route’ by selecting this story to make his debut. But he has gone wrong with the basics. This film doesn’t have any story. Director has no clue of what to do in the first hour of the movie. Therefore he simply passed the time with various irritating (literally) scenes where the hero runs after the heroine for love. Every now and then a song pops up on the screen and of course an action scene too. When the journey seems unending and pointless the heroine asks a favor from the hero and in the next scene he confronts the villain.

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Singer(s): M M Srilekha, Krishna Chaitanya
Lyrics: Bhaskara Batla
Singer(s): Javed Ali
Lyrics: Bhaskara Batla
Singer(s): Smitha, Udit Narayan
Lyrics: Bhaskara Batla
Singer(s): Kousalya, Chakri
Lyrics: Bhaskara Batla
Singer(s): Ranjith
Lyrics: Bhaskara Batla
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