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Cast: Rajeev Kanakala, Rishi, Urvashi Sharma, Chaitanya, Benarjee, Ranganath, Ravali
Director: Shekhar Suri
MusicDirector: Vijay Kurakula
Cinemotograpy: Bhaskar Samala, Senthil Kumar
Editing: Thirupathi Reddy
Screenplay: Shekhar Suri
Dialougues: Harshavardhan (I)
Lyrics: Vanamali
Producer: G S Babu, Phani Raj
Banner: Raj India Entertainments
Presents: Raj India Entertainments
Movie Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 17, 2008

Rishi, Urvashi Sharma, Rajeev Kanakala, Harshavardhan, Shanti Chandra, Giri, and others


An interesting tale messed up, the story begins with Nisha (Urvashi) who has a strange problem. She keeps hearing a voice of one Shankar who threatens to kill her but then she does not know who he is or what he looks like. So she takes the help of her neighbour Sriram (Rishi) who happens to be a wildlife photographer and he in turn takes the help of Harshavardhan (Harshavardhan) to solve this issue. While the science aspect points towards possible Schizophrenia, Nisha decides to pursue the matter and sets out in the search of the only Shankar (Santhi) she knows as he was their guide during one of her trips. She is assisted by Sriram and Harsha in her journey. She finally gets to meet him and realizes that it is not him since a ghostly apparition comes to her with the same voice. While they are still staying at the villa, a stranger comes into their place and his name is Rajeev (Rajeev Kanakala). Things are fine between them until Nisha sees Rajeev and discovers to her horror that he resembles the same ghostly apparition that she has been seeing. The story takes a violent turn from here and in the end, a startling truth is revealed. What is that truth and who are the three people in this forms the rest of the story.

The director has come out with a good subject that could have turned out well but then his narrative lacked the luster to keep things interesting. However, the presentation has been good with some brilliant cinematography, strong dialogues and some impressive locations. On the other hand the script was weak, the screenplay was groggy and editing was absolutely out of target. Even the music though tuned well ended up blaring in full swing and this caused nothing but ear pain. The other departments were just upto the mark. Rajeev has come up with an energetic performance and he seems to have come into shape. Rishi was sharp and his screen presence is valid but then his expressions need to be more refined and his voice was quite choked. Harshavardhan was perfect and did his role very well. Vijayachander and Ranganath carried out their roles with elegance. Santhi Chandra was typical but tough. The others contributed valuably to make up for the gaps.

The films deals with a rather psychological and science challenging concept but then it was essential to keep the pace of the movie intact since the story could have been out in just few minutes. The main culprit here is the weak script and poor screenplay. While the first half took off very mildly testing the enthusiasm of the audience, it is only during the second half that things began to pick up but then it was too late. The climax ended in barely fifteen minutes. Technically, the film has been made very well but entertainment and thrills wise there is hardly anything to feel scary or creepy about.

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