All The Best
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Cast: J D Chakravarthy, Srikanth, Anisha Singh, Rao Ramesh Rao, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Pragathi, Brahmanandam, Chandra Mohan
Director: J D Chakravarthy
MusicDirector: Hema Chandra
Screenplay: J D Chakravarthy
Producer: J Sambasiva Rao
Banner: Sudha Cinema
Presents: Gummadi Ravindra Babu
Movie Genre: Drama
Release Date: June 28, 2012

Srikanth, J D Chakravarthy, Anisha Singh, Bramanandam, Kota Srinivasan Rao, Raghu Babu, Rao Ramesh, Pragathy, Chandra Mohan.


Ravi (Srikanth) is badly in need of money to bail out his father who was jailed in a cheating case. Ravi seeks the help of conman Chandu (Chakravarthy) and they both team up to pull off a heist. They have the task of selling a land to one billionaire and in turn they get 1 crore rupees. Numerous characters come in and unexpected events take place. How they overcome all the problems and succeed forms rest of the story.

Srikanth was fine, but somehow lacked the spirit. Uninspiring character must be the reason for it. JD Chakravarthy who is usually best in portraying negative roles, surprisingly failed as an actor this time. Raghu Babu’s gags may work for the lower class audience. Brahmanandam was wasted. There is nothing to mention about the other star cast including the leading lady.

Dialogues were bad. Most of them were meaningless. Cinematography was poor. Editing was amateurish. Music was another major minus. Background score was unbearable. The film is made on a shoestring budget and that should be the only saving grace.

Chakravarthy fails as a director yet again. He should stop relying upon copied stories and should try out something original. He is not good at comedy and should concentrate upon making low budget thrillers. After Money money and More Money this is another disaster from him.

All the Best is a rip off of Spanish film titled Nine Queens. JD Chakravarthy added a comedy track on Raghu Babu to it. This comedy track was copied from Hollywood comedy ‘Johnny English Reborn’. JD tried to bring in the Telugu nativity by setting it in Rajahmundry.

In spite of having a healthy plot and strong star cast, JD failed to make it an interesting fare. Comedy scenes didn’t come out well and the acting was pretty bad. Screenplay was another letdown which made this film a painful experience to sit through.

There is hardly anything worthy to watch it on silver screen. If you have seen Nine Queens already, then this would be disastrous at the best. Even if you aren’t aware of the original, poorly written screenplay and badly developed characters won’t impress you much. All the Best will end up as one of the bad films in recent times.

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Singer(s): Mano, L R Easwari
Lyrics: Geetha Poonik
Singer(s): Mano, Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Geetha Poonik
Singer(s): Rita, Pranavi, Hema Chandra
Lyrics: Geetha Poonik
Singer(s): Monisha, Hema Chandra
Lyrics: Geetha Poonik
Singer(s): sunil kashyap
Lyrics: Geetha Poonik
Singer(s): Karunya, Adithya, Noel
Lyrics: Rakendu Mouli
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