Yadartha Premakatha
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Cast: Amar, Chiri, Charan Raj, suman shetty, Suthi Velu
Director: Charan Raj
MusicDirector: Sai Karthik
Screenplay: Charan Raj
Producer: Charan Raj
Banner: None
Presents: Charan Raj Presents
Movie Genre: Love
Release Date: May 25, 2012

Amar, Chiri, Charan Raj, Suman Shetty, Suthi Velu


The movie begins with Charan Raj returning from the jail as his sentence was curtailed for accepting his crime, killing two people. Once out of jail, he stumbles upon a youth who is left on a boulder fighting for his life. It is later known that this young man Nagaraju had fallen in love with his college mate Anita and her uncles have connived to finish him; They presume he is dead but are plagued with fear when they see the super hit song on television and hire a bodyguard for their niece Anita and to ensure Nagaraju is killed.

Now Kali promises Nagaraju and Anita that he will unite them as he himself suffered in love. To divert attention from the lovers, there is a flashback on Kali who was a mechanic who could repair anything except a plane and a train and has fallen for a girl. The girl too reciprocates but Kali kills her and her brother with a sickle assuming that they could be lovers.

Instead of regretting for falling for this suspicious and impulsive idiot, the girl remarks, "Thaali kattu, sumangali gaane ne chethilo ralipovali." The characters Amar and Chiri who played Nagaraju and Anita have done a decent job, while the former is too plain looking, the latter is a Pratyusha look alike. What spoils the film are a few things, the super hit song is repeated a zillion times right from the title to the finish stripping it off it's importance and pays attention to a very amateurish narration.

There is a dialogue that refers to a hug as a blue film with clothes, also the director indulges himself with a duet that is tiring; It becomes very evident that a story has been weaved just for a song. However the plus point of Yadartha Prema Katha is the heroine dressed in half sarees which is so pleasant on the eyes, it's been ages since we've seen a woman dressed in traditional wear. Now do we watch the film? Save yourself the time by googling for it.

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Singer(s): Nagaraju
Lyrics: Nagaraju
Singer(s): Nagaraju
Lyrics: Mittapally Surendar
Singer(s): Sai Charan, Bindu Mahima
Lyrics: Soori Pathipaka
Singer(s): Tada Raju, Sai Charan
Lyrics: Tada Raju
Singer(s): Haranath Rao
Lyrics: Tada Raju
Singer(s): Charan Raj, Divija Karthik
Lyrics: Tada Raju
Singer(s): Bindu Mahima
Lyrics: Tada Raju
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