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Sweet Heart Trailers
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The film starts with hero Akash living in a state of depression by a temple. Then, the rowdys(Rahul Dev and gang) start a fight with him, and here the interesting part of the film starts. When the rowdy slap Akash on his face, and kick him on the leg, Akash takes the pain and doesnt do anything. But, as soon as the rowdy kick Akash on his Chest, Akash becomes mad and violently beat the rowdys. Why Akash becomes like that is the suspense and the main plot of the film. In the flashback, Akash has a lover Meenaksi(Nidhi Subbiah) and she cheats him, then another girl Sandhya (Daisy Bopanna), comes into his life. But, at this moment of time, Akash hates love and if anyone love also he will like it. In this period of time there is excellent comedy tracks by Brammanandham and gang. The climax is the highlight of the film, anyone with a heart will cry, when Akash cry, knowing the mistake he has done. The main point of the film is that you need hundred per cent trust in love, otherwise there is no value for that love. The way one of the heroine prove her love is something new.

Akash perfomed brilliantly, he has shown differnt shades with ease, especially the beginning of the film, his performance, he reminds you of the great Vikram. Then, coming to the heroines, Daisy Boppanna stands out with her performance. Rahul Dev Scares you with expressions. Brammanandham makes you laugh in all the scenes that he comes, and the bathroom scenes is hillarious.

The cinematography by Jack John is nice, and music by Nandhan Raj is melodious and rocking. Dialogues by Ramesh Gopi and Akash is perfect, and finally the direction by Akash is excellent. For the first time, he has done an amazing job.


Sweet Heart is an excellent love story, narrated well and deserved to be a superhit.