Rotine Love Story 2012 Trailers

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Rotine Love Story 2012 Trailers
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Sanju (Sundeep Kishan) is a college going student who falls for a girl Tanvi (Regina Cassandra) at first sight. His friends try to bring them together, but Sanju feels that she might use him and throw away. But they get along over a period of time. Both of them are unsure of the advancing in their relationship because other person might not be perfect. The rest of the story is all about the couple learning that marriage and long-term relationship is complete with imperfections and disagreements.

Artists Performance
Sundeep Kishan who has given an intense performance in a negative role with his debut Prasthanam has come up with another nice performance as a youngster with fixed notions. He is spontaneous and has a casual diction that justifies the dialogues written for him. He should continue doing characters which represent real-life than going for larger-than-life portrayals at this juncture of his career. Regina is a natural actress with a gifted ability of spontaneity. She carried off her role with controlled domination. Snighda (Ala Modalaindi fame) is perfect for the kind of roles she is playing. Jhansi is excellent as a dominating wife. Sanjay Reddy (Ex CEO of Zee Telugu and Gemini) is very good as a husband with a practical point of view. Vennela Kishore is extremely impressive though he had only four scenes in the movie. Thagubothu Ramesh departs from his usual drunkard role and did an interesting character. MS Narayana entertains in a bakra role.

Technical department
If you look at Telugu/Indian films, we always have the guy at a receiving end in love. The moment girl accepts the relationship, the guy is happy. But in Hollywood scenario, the guy has issues despite girl willing to commit in a relationship. Praveen Sattaru used that aspect and practical issues of a relationship to write this romantic comedy. The relationship doesn’t advance in this film when a girl is ready for commitment. It is a brave thing to believe in such a point and do a full-length feature film in an organic way without bothering about other aspects. There are no forced things. Every scene flows in an organic way and the director takes his own time in introducing characters and establishing relationships. I also like the way the entire film narrated in a funny flashback format. The most entertaining scene for me in the film is geeta lecture by Sanjay Reddy to Sundeep Kishan. There are certain slack moments in the film towards the end. However, one can’t complain about it as the director followed the script without deviating for the sake of commercial payoffs.

Music by Micky J Meyer is a plus despite few of his songs giving the feeling of heard-before. I loved the song Eppatikaina. It’s a haunting melody. He used the tunes of this film for scenes as background music to a good effect. Suresh Bhargav’s cinematography is very good. All the dialogues are natural. Editing by Dharmendra is crisp.

Routine Love Story departs from the routine love stories of Telugu cinema and tries to be different. The urbane youth humor makes sure that a subject of this nature is received with open arms. Praveen Sattaru who has shown sparks with his directorial debut LBW upped the ante now to reach for more audiences with a subject that appeals to both youth and urban families. You may watch Routine Love Story for humor and for an insight into relationships in changing times.