Rabhasa Preview

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Bellamkonda Suresh
Movie Genre
Action Romance
Rabhasa Preview
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Rabhasa jeevi reviewKarthik (NTR) has a mission is life. That is to fulfil his mother’s wish of getting married to his maradalu (Samantha). But he doesn’t know her latest details. He gets entangled in a risky situation when he tries to help a stranger. The rest of the story is all about how he controls the damage and fulfils the wish of his mother.

Artists Performance

Rabhasa jeevi reviewActors: It’s a cakewalk for NTR. He looks very young and energetic. Samantha is glamorous. Praneetha’s role is limited to first half. Jayasudha’s role is more like a guest role. Brahmanandam is entertaining as Raju who gets into a tricky situation. Ajay looks pretty good as a threatening villain, but is routine when he starts doing comedy. Jaya Prakash Reddy, Sayaji Shinde, Nagi Reddy and Nassir did their bit.

Technical departmentsRabhasa jeevi review

Story - screenplay - direction: A simple story can be made complicated with screenplay. Director Santosh Srinivas has opted for a complex (rather confusing) screenplay for a story that runs on a simple premise of a son fulfilling his mother’s wish. He has added excessive fights whenever a new character is introduced. The content is of the film is in the same order of preference we see in the theatrical trailer of Rabhasa (lot of action, lot of family drama and ample entertainment).

Rabhasa jeevi reviewOther departments: Rakasi Rakasi song is good, but rest of the compositions by Thaman are repetitive. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is colorful. Dialogues are average except for the ones written for Brahmanandam. Fights can be unrealistic. But it would have been better if these unrealistic fights are supported by gripping scenes in the movie. The editing should have been crisper. Production values of the film are nice.

Rabhasa jeevi reviewAnalysis: First half of the film is a little disappointing. Second half is better. A few of Brahmanandam’s scenes are handled well. Plus points of the film are NTR’s performance and a few of Brahmi’s episodes in 2nd half. The minus point of the film is lack of freshness and a complicated screenplay. This film is made with mass orientation and the success will depend on how masses take it!

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