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Nuvvu Naku Nachav Video Songs
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Venakteswarlu alias Venky (Venky) comes to the house of Murthy (Prakash Raj) on recommendation of Sekhar (Chandra Mohan) who is a child hood friend of Murthy and the father of Venky. Nandini alias Nandu (Aarti Agrawal) is the daughter of Murthy.

Venky enters that place when Nandu is about to get engaged to software professional from USA. He helps the family in getting the engagement done smoothly. Murthy helps Venky secure a handsome job. The relationship between Venky and Nandu starts with hatred and turns into friendship. Nandu expresses Venky that she is in love with him. Venky, who does not want to spoil the relationship of their parents, decides to run off from the house of Nandu.

But Murthy gets Venky back from Railway Station, as he thought Venky did not like the job he was given. And it's the marriage time! Venky takes the onus of running the show of marriage. The demure Nandu is in shattered mood as her lover is acting like a broker to her marriage. Will Venky sacrifice his silent love Nandu to a stranger or marries Nandu with the help of their parents. You must watch this sensible love story on the bigger screen to know what is in store for you!

Artists Performances
Venky has done one-man-show for this film. He is extremely good in comedy scenes. He did a kind of role that starts off as an 'Awara' and turns into a too-good-to-believe character. He looked refreshingly young for his lovely character. Arti Agrawal is a major contributor for the film with her enlivening performance. She is extremely beautiful and did natural acting. Her fair skin came as additional asset as she looked exceptionally beautiful by wearing the prime colored dresses through out the film. Her dimples and subtle expressions, sometimes resembles that of Preeti Zinta. Her characterization is also done with extreme care. Prakash Raj performance is more of sublime nature compared to his earlier roles. He impressed audience with his histrionics.

Technical Departments
Vijaya Bhaskar style of film making resembles the shot making of Yash Chopra who has excellent command over portraying the human relationships in a very sensitive way. Though the narration appears little slow, he made sure that the story is unfolded in a very systematic, yet unpredictable, way. The Andhra audiences are so clever that they can predict when interval comes. But in this film, the director made the junta stand for 10 more minutes after they were about to leave for interval. The way songs inserted into narration of the film is pretty good. Vijay Bhaskar does know how to play with the emotional of the audiences by doing the characterization in a pretty realistic way.

The story of the film can be told in two sentences. It was purely the dialogues that made the difference for the ordinary story. Hallmark of dialogues in the film is the comedy. Every alternate dialogue is a witty one. Trivikram Srinivas has done a commendable job.

Songs might have sounded average on the tape recorder. But, watching them on a giant screen is a pure pleasure. Beautiful choreography added with the excellent camera work makes the songs richer. Another striking aspect is the way the songs are inserted in this film. They don't come out of blues like the songs in a typical Telugu film. The scenes prior to and after the song are molded to accommodate the song.

Sravanti Ravi Kishore lived up to him name of producing quality films. There is obscenity or vulgarity in this film. D Suresh Babu involvement in this film as the co producer added to the quality of the film. Both these producers should be commended for producing a clean entertainer.

The first half of the film is excellent. The second half of the film is good. There was tremendous response in the cinema hall in first half compared to the second half. The pace of the film is little slow, as it has taken 3 hours to narrate. The strength of the film is Venky, Aarti, the comedy dialogues and sensible direction. You are bound to get disappointed if you have 'Nuvve Kavali' in you mind when watching this film. Watch this film with no expectations and you will enjoy it immensely. We have to wait and see how the audience of Andhra welcomes this wholesome family entertainer.