Mythri 2012 Trailers

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Mythri 2012 Trailers
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Aspiring director Dipak (Navdeep) reluctantly agrees to proceed with the ad concept he narrated to TV owner Murthy(Brahmanandam) to the condition that he shoots on his girl friend.
He starts shooting at a bungalow located in the outskirts of the city getting permission from the watchman. Dipak however was saved from the agony of shooting on recommendation candidate, when Mythri(Sada) owner of the house arrives to settle matters related to her property and incidentally agrees to shoot the ad.

In the midst of all this mysterious incidents happen in the bugalow and what’s the reason behind the incidents forms the crux of the story.


Navdeep and Sada performed as per the script though they did not get much chance to show their acting talent. Same is the case with other actors like Brahmanandam, along with the likes of Kallu Chidambaram, Uttej,”ChitramSeenu,Suman Setty, Satyam Rajesh who tried their best to impress viewers.


Director seems to have ran out of ideas in preparing the story and the script. The story is routine and he took more than two hours to narrate a concept which could be completed in 10 minutes. Its a torture to the core to movie lovers. Nothing in the film is convincing with actors passing the moments.


Production values of Hanu Cine Creatons are poor. Music of Vikas is below average. Vinay’s editing is substandard while Selva Kumar cinematography gets mark for Sada’s beauty treat.

Final Point

Mythri will be remembered how not to make a movie