Kavyas Diary Trailers

Indira Productions
Manjula Swarup
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Kavyas Diary Trailers
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Raj (Indrajeet) and Pooja (Manjula Swaroop) move to a new independent house along with their kids. They are desperately looking for a maid who takes care of their kids. Kavya (Charmme) rescues daughter of Pooja from an accident. Kavya is jobless and she is offered the maid’s job in Pooja's and she takes it up. Over a period of time, she gets close to the family members of Pooja. The rest of the story is all about why Kavya joined the house of Pooja.

Artists Performance
Manjula is completely natural in the role of mother and housewife. Charmme is pretty good. She needs to shed a few calories to look energetic on the screen. Shashank did a role that is only limited to the first half of the movie and he is adequate. Indrajeet fits the bill as a caring husband and father. Leena (blind dance teacher in Arundhati movie) did an important role and she is good. Satyam Rajesh did the role of servant and he is ok. It is nice to see Manjula allowing satires on her brother Mahesh Babu through Satyam Rajesh character ‘Athi D’.

Technical departments
Story - screenplay - direction: Indira Productions creative unit that prepared screenplay and story has borrowed it completely from 1992 Hollywood thriller ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’. If the Hollywood film was made with linear narration, Telugu movie is made with a flashback narration. There is nothing wrong in borrowing story ideas, but one needs to modify it to suit our sensibilities and environment. And whatever nativity modifications done, they are illogical (for example asking an ex BPO employee to be the maid of kids; in the original heroine approaches the mother telling that she is willing to do caretaker job). The heroine character in this movie suffers with borderline personality disorder. Direction of the movie is not up to the mark. Screenplay of the movie is inadequate. Music of the movie is nice and all songs are canned well. Cinematography is excellent. The locations (especially the house with a green house) are nice. This movie is technically superior in terms of sound and visuals. Dialogues are just okay. Editing is adequate. Production values of the movie are neat.

Kavya’s Diary is heavily inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle’ (1992). The first half of the movie is half-baked. Interval point is interesting. Though the entire story is packed in second half, lack of nativity impairs it. There is no relevance to the storyline and the title ‘Kavya’s Diary’. On a whole, Kavya’s Diary is another example of how our filmmakers fail while remaking Hollywood thrillers