Cinema Chupista Maava Review

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Cinema Chupista Maava Review
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Cinema Choopistha Mava reviewKathi (Raj Tharun) belongs to a low-middle class and is a naughty guy. Chatarjee (Rao Ramesh) is a Bengali settled in Hyderabad and works for Government. He is a righteous guy who is obsessed with quality. His daughter Parineeta (Avika Gor) is the state topper. Kathi falls in love with Parineeta at the first sight and he makes her fall in love with him. Rest of the story is all about what happens when Chatarjee comes to know about his quality daughter’s love for a careless guy like Kathi.

Artists Performance

Cinema Choopistha Mava reviewActors: Raj Tharun is a bundle of energy and he made sure that he gets life to the movie with his terrific portrayal of a reckless lover boy. He has impressed with ease at acting and with his rustic charm in Uyyala Jampala. Now, Raj Tharun adds mass element to it and convinces us again! He need to improve on dances. Avika Gor is alright though she should consider reducing weight. Rao Ramesh is perfect for the role of a quality obsessive guy. Posani Krishna Murali is entertaining in a cameo. Satya is good. Praveen plays a different role.

Technical departments

Cinema Choopistha Mava review Story - screenplay - direction: The story of the film is predictable except for the condition Rao Ramesh keeps for Raj Tharun. Despite a predictable storyline, director Trinadh Rao has made sure that the screenplay is engaging. There is freshness in the film in spite of having a typical maama - alludu conflict point. Trinadh Rao has made his debut with a passionate film Mem Vayasuku Vacham and then delivered a couple of disappointing films. Now he strikes back with a decent movie with ample commercial elements. There are influences of Pawan Kalyan’s body language in Raj Tharun’s characterization and inspirations of Attarintiki Daaredi in a couple of scenes (college entrance episode and droupathi vastrapaharanam).

Cinema Choopistha Mava reviewOther departments: Music scored by Sekhar Chandra is good. There are good mass numbers like Cinema Choopista Mava and variety songs like Pilli Kalla Papa. Cinematography is also good. Dialogues written by Prasanna Kumar deserves applause. Editing is fine. Producers have made sure that the film is made with good production values.

Cinema Choopistha Mava reviewAnalysis: Entertainment is the most abused thing in Telugu cinema in the past few years. But, it’s a safe bet for the producers. Cinema Choopista Mava is another film that tries to cash on ‘entertainment’ factor and succeeds in it without being routine. Plus points of the film are Raj Tharun, entertainment and dialogues. Though there is a bit of restlessness in second half, the director makes it up with an emotional climax followed by a funny ending. On a whole, Cinema Choopista Mava is a funny and mass entertainer. You may watch it!.

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