A Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam vs Anand Vihari) Review

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A Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam vs Anand Vihari) Review
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A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam v/s Anand Vihari) jeevi reviewAnasuya (Samantha) is a docile young woman who wants to break free from the clutches of her control-freak mom (Nadiya). While her mom is gone on a business trip, Anasuya sneaks up to the village of her maternal uncle. Vihari (Nithin) is Anasuya’s brother-in-law and he hosts her. Vihari’s wedding is already fixed with another girl. Anasuya’s mom gets her a wedding alliance. Rest of the story is all about the issue between these two families and how Anansuya Ramalingam and Anand Vihari unite at the end.

Artists Performance

A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam v/s Anand Vihari) jeevi reviewActors: Nithin is pretty good as a village boy with mature mentality. His histrionics in second half (scenes involving Biryani - Fried Rice) are pretty nice. One can never get bored of Samantha in Trivikram’s films. Her character in this film too has a condition. If she had medical condition in S/O Sathyamurthy, she has suicidal tendency in A Aa. She gave an excellent performance as a girl who is torn between fear of mother and love for bava. Anupama Parameshwaran did a single-dimensional character. She did well within limitations of the character. Nadhiya’s character is more like a logical extension of her character in Atharintiki Daaredi. The difference is that her character is righteous in Attarintiki Daaredi and her character has a bit of negative shades in this movie. Rao Ramesh comes up with another top-notch performance and his comic timing in dialogue delivery is impeccable. Naresh is hilarious as a father just like the way he did in Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Praveen is pleasant as hero’s help. Srinivasa Reddy is a treat to watch as a secretary who is out to impress his lady boss. Srinivas Avasarala is apt for the role he played.

Technical departments

A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam v/s Anand Vihari) jeevi reviewStory - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is about the conflict between two families (both are close relatives). Just the way Trivikram revealed the family-separation point in spaced-flashbacks, he has tried to show the family-separation issue with POV (Points of View) screenplay in A Aa film. Trivikram’s strength has always been dialogues and sensible emotions. He has stuck to his core strength points and narrated the wafer thin story in an interesting and pleasant style. The way he drew analogy between biryani-fried rice with heroines in hero’s perception show’s Trivikram’s hallmark. However, the pace of second half is slow and story meanders in second half. But a well-directed and emotional climax followed by Rao Ramesh’s philosophical punch dialogues makes up for the slow second half.

A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam v/s Anand Vihari) jeevi reviewOther departments: Music by Mickey J Meyer is completely different from the tunes he has done in the past. Songs are refreshing and are well shot. All songs are shot with different concepts. I love the first song ‘yaa yaa’ and the way sister character is introduced suddenly with a devotional sound ‘gopala gopala’ is nice. ‘Anasuya Kosam’ is shot creatively by showing the number of days heroine is staying in village for. ‘Mummy Returns’ is a fun song that describes heroine’s fear for her mother for the interval bang. We always wonder who the Shyamala character is and we might be thinking that she is the other heroine. But, by giving it a third person’s point of view, the emotional impact might not be be as strong as the first person’s. Cinematography by Natarajan Subramanian is pleasant with pleasing visuals and vibrant colors. Art direction by AS Prakash is excellent. The rustic charm in the first half is explored well. Dialogues by Trivikram deserve a special mention. Any dialogue written by him has the capability of sounding funny, heavy, satirical, melancholic depending on the situation. Production values by Haarika Hassine Creations banner are excellent.

A.. Aa (Anasuya Ramalingam v/s Anand Vihari) jeevi reviewAnalysis: First half of the film is nice. Second half meanders a bit, but a good climax followed by punch dialogues of Rao Ramesh makes you feel good as you step out of the theater. Plus points of the film are Trivikram dialogues, Samantha and emotional scenes. On the flipside, the flashback of the film which is the foundation looks little hazy and the pace in second half should have been faster. On a whole. A.. Aa… is a pleasant family entertainer that has something for everybody. You may watch it!!

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Pawan Kalyan at A AA Sets