Vennela Kishore

Director, Supporting Cast
Years Active:
Vennela Kishore
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Vennela Kishore
Kamareddy, India
Occupation Actor,
Years active
2005 - Present

Vennela Kishore is named after his first feature film Vennela in the year 2005. Before his acting debut, he was working in USA as a Software Quality Engineer. Later in 2008 he gave up his career towards passion for movies and moved to settle down in India. He is awarded with Nandi Award for Best Male Comedian for acting in 'Inkosaari'. Also he is a die-hard fan of Padmashri Brahmanandam and a total film buff. He is also known in his close quarters as a lover of tasty foods especially the Hyderabadi Biryani, Tandoori chicken and other junks foods like KFC and Tacobell(in US)

He is very much interested in interacting with his fans(treats them as close friends)so he maintains an active Orkut and facebook account with the profile name "Vennela Kishore". He takes all negative/positive comments in a very sportive way and replies to every one of them. He keeps on posting his pictures posed in a hilarious way to entertain the viewers.

He is also a wanna be writer,currently providing stories for two movies which are in pre-production stage.