V V Vinayak

Actor, Director, Screenplay, Story Writer
V V Vinayak
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Real/Other Names:: Veera Venkata Vinayak
Date of Birth:: October 09, 0000

Mini Biography


Most of his movies have had big stars in the lead. He was well noticed with his first movie Aadi, a blockbuster. Watching his directorial capabilities, Balakrishna offered him Chennekeshava Reddy. He then made a youthful film called Dil that established Dil Raju, a highly successful producer today in the Telugu film industry.Vinayak also won many accolades after directing Chiranjeevi's Tagore.
Then, he did Samba with Jr. NTR, and Bunny with Allu Arjun, tasting success both times. His 2006 flick Lakshmi with Venkatesh restored the glory lost by Venkateshas a mass hero. It initially started off as an average grosser, butwent onto become one of the biggest hits in Venky's career. Vinayak'sfilm with Prabhas, Yogi, released in January 2007, was a flop. Krishna, released in 2008 proved to be very successful. With this movie, Vinayak ventured into romantic comedies.