Trivikram Srinivas

Director, Screenplay, Story Writer, Dialogue Writer
2003: Winner, Best Dialogue Writer for Nuvve Nuvve, 2005: Winner, Best Director for Athadu, 2000: Winner, Best Dialogue for Chiru Navvutho, 2001: Winner, Best Dialogue for Nuvvu Naaku Nachav, 2002: Winner, Best Dialogue for Nuvve Nuvve, 2004: Winner, Best
Trivikram Srinivas
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Real/Other Names:: Trivikram Srinivas Areti
Date of Birth:: November 07, 1973(Age-37)
Place of Birth:: Bhimavaram

Mini Biography

Trivikram Srinivas, born in Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most successful dialogue writers and directors in the Telugu film industry.He did his schooling and Intermediate in Bhimavaram. Trivikram andcomedian Sunil graduated from the same college in Bhimavaram, Trivikramis BSC student while Sunil is B.COM Fine Arts student. Trivikrammarried the iconic Sirivennala Seetha Rama Sastryyounger brother's daughter. He and comedian Sunil are closefriends,they even got married on the same day and the latter considersTrivikram the most influential figure in his life. Interestingly,
Trivikram is a gold medalist from Andhra Universityin Nuclear Physics. He was a School Teacher in early 1990 Holi AnglesResidential School Bhimavaram. He was very much admired for hisexcellent teaching skills. In the initial days of struggling he used totake home tuitions for getting pocket money. His close friend Sunilintroduced Trivikram to the comedian Gautam Raju. He taught comedianGautam Rajus children and with this association he could get somecontacts through Gautam Raju in the film Industry.

When Trivikram was thinking of rephrasing his name, as there werealready many Srinivases in the industry, it was his grandfather whocasually said that he should become Trivikram in his field. He likedit immensely and thought that Trivikram Srinivas would be nice and heused it from then onwards.

Trivikram never thought of entering into industry but he used to have a huge interest on telugu literature. Trivikram, Sunil, R. P. Patnaik, Chandra Siddartha (Appudappudu,Aa naluguru, Madhumasamfame), Dasaradh (Santosham, Swagatham),Gopi Mohan(Famous Screenplay writer),Venu(hero)..etc guys formed as a good team of friends. Theres a very goodwannabes batch and most interesting thing is that most of them haveshown their mark in telugu fim industry. They all used to gather in acafe related to Chandra Siddharthacalled TRY LUCK and used to discuss various things related to films.Incidentally after closing down this cafe only every one of themstarted getting chances and they clicked in a big way later on. R. P. Patnaikhad the aim of cracking civils. He came to hyd for that purpose. Hejoined Trivikram, Sunils room and stayed there for many days.Gopi Mohan also stayed with them in their room for some days before he moved to a separate room with Veeru Potla(Writer of Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana).
Sunil introduced Trivikram to T.D.V. Prasad who was making a filmand said that Trivikram was a good writer and was looking for a break.He asked Trivikram to write the climax scene, but even before he showedup his work Prasad called for an experienced director who came forstory sittings, but after he showed his work Prasad was so impressedand asked him to work as an assistant to Posani.He worked as assistantto famous director Posani Krishna Murali, during this tenure he got anoffer as dialogue writer for the movie Swayamvaram, though he signed first for this movie it is the movie Nuvve Kavali released first which is a major hit at box office. Trivikram and Sunil stayed in the room in Hyderabad until they got married. Trivikram feels that this house in which they stayed is a lucky mascot for him.citation neededHe didnt leave it and he still uses it for his story writing,discussions and for all of his creative works. It is in Punjagutta.

Dialogue writer:
After Late Jandhyalaperhaps, he is the only writer in Telugu films who is so versatile. Hebrought in a sea of changes in Telugu film dialogues.He did face manyproblems in entering industry but when he did it the whole industryturned towards him. It is truly an astonishing feat that he won Nandi Awardfor best dialogue writer for 4 times in a span of 5 years.Trivikram isbest known for the dialogues written for Telugu movies like Nuvve Kavali, Chirunavvutho, Nuvvu Naaku Nachav and Manmadhudu.
Hisdialogues are primarily one-lined and witty, although they can at timesdeal with more serious issues like life and relationships veryeffectively.Trivikram took 9 months for writing Chirunavvutho script for which he got Nandi Award. Trivikram was the highest paid writer before he became director himself. Abburi Ravi, dialogue writer of movies like Bommarillu, is also a close associate of Trivikram. It was Trivikram who probed Ravi to enter as dialogue writer.
Initially Abburi Raviwas scared of film industry on seeing the hard work that Trivikram usedto put for films. He used to go in the early mornings and return inlate nights. Trivikram had no personal life at all. But Trivikramconvinced Ravi and took him as assistant for his maiden directorialfilm Nuvve Nuvve.Heworks alone,never discusses his work with others.He is also known forhis spontaniety.He completed 48 scenes in 3 hours for his close friendSunil starrer movie Andala Ramudu.

He is well known as a dialogue writer but he also penned lyrics foroka raju oka rani movie,sang the song 'computersu artsu scienceu' in Nuvve Nuvve movie and now the most sought after director in the industry.He ventured into direction with the movie Nuvve Nuvve, winning critical acclaim and came into limelight with Athadu.Whilealmost all technicians and actors are trying hard to get focused in thevarious telugu channels to promote their films, giving theirexperiences, interviews..all round the clock. Trivikram stays away fromall of it. He is keen on speaking through his work alone.He rarelyinteracts with media and in one of his interview he quoted as Your work should speak...not you.
Nuvve Nuvve- This flick dealt in depth with family sentiments along with high doseof comedy. He received a great respones for his debut movie as director.
Athadu- One of the most critically acclaimed movie in the industry.It israted high for its technical standards. It collected a distributors'share of Rs.220 million in its total run,thus becoming the sensationalhit of 2005 in Tollywood. Its satellite rights were sold for whopping Rs.18 million. After its stupendous response it has also been dubbed into tamil, kannada, hindi.Athadu was even dubbed into polish Language in poland as a Poszukiwany.It became decent hit in poland too.It was First Telugu film relased inpoland.
Jalsa- The most awaited film of the year 2008.The film released amid highexpectations with 320 prints in 1000 theaters.The audio rights weresold to Aditya Music for 90 lakhs,the highest for a Telugu film ever in the recent times.This movie dealt with some keen issues like naxalism and became a major hit at box office by grossing whopping 42 cores in 50 days.