Tanikella Bharani

Story Writer, Supporting Cast, Dialogue Writer
Tanikella Bharani
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Tanikella Bharani (Telugu: తనికెళ్ళ భరణి) (born on 14 July 1956) is a multi-faceted actor in Tollywood. He is a playwright, a dialogue writer and an actor. He has worked in around 320 films.
Early life and background

Tanikella Bharani was born on 14 July 1956 into a Telugu Brahmin household in Palakol in Andhra Pradesh.

Bharani did stage plays in the mid 70s and during this time he made the acquaintance of Rallapalli, a Tollywood actor. With his help Bharani started writing small dialogues and stage scenes. Later, he took a diploma in Theatre arts. Following Rallapalli's advice he moved to Chennai.

He started his career as a dialogue writer for Kanchu Kavachum in 1984. and has written dialogues for various movies like Ladies Tailor (1985), Anveshana (1985), Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe (1987), Varasudochhadu (1988), Chettu Kinda Pleader (1989), Swara Kalpana (1989), Gaayam (1993),and Seenu Vasanthi Lakshmi (2004). Bharani also penned the lyrics of ‘Modhati Cinema’ and ‘Preminchukunnam Pelliki Randi.’

He has acted in more than 300 movies starting with ‘Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe’ (1987) in which he was seen as Dora Babu. In 1989 he appeared in the hit film Shiva by Ram Gopal Varma which starred Nagarjuna. With the release of the film Shiva, he received much recognition and his character Nanaji impressed the whole Telugu audience. He also played the lead role in the Hindi comedy film Main Tere Pyar Mein Pagal in 1999. His powerful antagonism in ‘Samudram’ got him the Nandi award as the Best Villain.

After 2000, he started playing more mature roles in movies like Manmadhudu (2002), Okariki Okaru (2002), Samba (2004), Malliswari (2004 film), Godavari (film) (2006), Happy (film) (2006), and more.

He played one of the lead roles in Rajubhai (2007).

Personal life
Bharani is married to Bhavani and has a son, Maha Teja and a daughter, Soundarya Lahari.