Actress, Supporting Cast
Years Active:
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Real/Other Names:: Sumalatha Ambarish
Date of Birth:: August 27, 1963(Age-47)
Place of Birth:: Chennai

Family and Relations

Spouse: Ambarish

Mini Biography

Sumalatha has appeared in Malayalam films including Thazhvaram, Izabella, New Delhi, and No.20 Madras Mail. Her most famous role was in Thoovanathumbikal, directed by Padmarajan. Sumalatha played aspiring sex worker Clara, opposite Mohanlal'swell-heeled bachelor Jayakrishnan. The film's plot centres on anencounter between the two, which transforms Jayakrishnan's hypocriticaldouble-life as a family man and playboy.

Personal life:
Sumalatha reportedly speaks six languages, and has acted in four.She is married to veteran actor and Karnataka politician Ambareesh,and is a close friend of actress Suhasini Maniratnam, her co-star in the Telugu movie Janaki Ramudu.The friendship between the two provided the material for a candid scenein the film, when director Kodandarami Reddy noticed Suhasini combingSumalatha's long hair on the train journey to the film set. Reddy askedhis cameraman, Ashok Reddy, to film the two, and added the scene to themovie's final cut.
she was raised in Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh and remains based in southern India.Sumalatha began acting at age 15, after winning an Andhra Pradesh beauty contest