Actress, Supporting Cast
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Real/Other Names:: style="color: green;">Sandya Revathy
Date of Birth:: style="color: green;">September 27, 1989(Age-21)
Place of Birth:: style="color: green;">Alwaye ,Kerala , India

Family and Relations

style="color: green;">Father: Ajith kumar
Mother: Maya Ajith Kumar
Elder Brother(s): Rahul

Mini Biography

style="color: green;">style="text-decoration: underline;">Hot facts in Biography:
The hot actressSandhya was studying in 10 th standard when wasoffered to act in Kadhal . She won Filmfare South actress of 2004 forher role in the movie.After her first super hit movie Kadhal opposite Bharath, Sandhya is often referred to as Kutty Kajol, who a famous Bollywood actress.Though the actress Sandhya was born in Kerala she was brought up in Chennai Tamilnadu.
Sandhya was part of Mani Ratnams stage show, Netru, Indru,Naalai. Sandhya so far worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannadamovies

Tamil Actress Sandhya quotes:
I dont think my parents will object in the first place for me to elope because theirs was not an arranged marriage.He would scold me so much that I would cry at times but when wecame to the second half, things improved and so did my confidencelevel. Now I find this whole job of emoting very cool.Times have changed and people no longer raise their eyebrows whengirls from well to do families step into this field for a career. Oneshouldnt miss the opportunities that come your way.
Hes always troubling me and I get the scoldings. My dad says Ihave a sharp tongue. You know what when my brother saw Kadal, he cameand told me the film was excellent but the director did one mistake andthat was taking me as the heroine. About her brother


Favourite actor : Kamal hassan
Favourite Actress : Shobana
Favourite Music Director : A R Rehman
Favourite flowers : Roses
Favourite pets : Dogs
Telugu Debut film : Annavaram , 2006