Sai Kumar

Actor, Supporting Cast
Sai Kumar
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Sai Kumar (born Pudipeddi Saikumar Sarma) on 27 July 1960, is an Indian film actor and acclaimed dubbing expert who has made his name in the Telugu and Kannada film industries. He has also made his foray as a Television host.

Personal life
His father is actor and story-writer P.J Sharma. His brother Ravi Shankar is also an actor and a dubbing artist, who is a prominent actor in the Kannada Film Industry, and is known for playing antagonistic roles.

He started his career at an early age of his life as a dubbing child artist. His father, P. J. Sarma was a leading dubbing artist. Sai Kumar followed in his father's footsteps, having dubbed for Suman and Dr. Rajasekhar for many of their films. Sai Kumar has exceptional dialogue delivery and Telugu diction clarity in his voice.

He is popular in Telugu films for his often typecast roles as a police officer and politician.This South Indian actor is currently a campaigner for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka.

Sai Kumar says he likes dialogues with sentiment and emotion

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Sai Kumar
Sai Kumar