Ramana Gogula

Music Director, Producer, Singer
Ramana Gogula
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Ramana Kumar Gogula (Telugu: రమణ కుమార్ గోగుల) is a music director in Telugu films. He formed his own rock-and-roll band in Vizag at the age of 17. Since then, he has traveled around the world as a software professional and music director. His most famous albums are the musical scores to the movies Thammudu, Premante Idera, and Yuvaraju. He composed the theme music for the 70th anniversary celebrations of his alma mater, Timpany School. He was also co-founder and former CEO of the company Liqwid Krystal in Bangalore. Besides Telugu movies he has written music for a Kannada movie, Yuvaraja, starring Shivrajkumar and a Tamil movie, Badri, which is a remake of Thammudu. Gogula has also played key roles at several Fortune 1000 companies, including Sybase. He recently relocated to Hyderabad and has finished a new film called Boni.


November 24. 2017 09:39


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