Mumaith Khan

Actress, Supporting Cast
Mumaith Khan
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Real/Other Names:: Munnu, Munni
Date of Birth:: September 01, 0000

Family and Relations

Sister(s): Zabyn Khan

Mini Biography

Mumaith's family hailed from Pakistan but moved to India where they settled in the outskirts of Mumbai. Her mother is an Indian and her father is a Pakistani. She has four sisters and to support her family, she joined a small dance troop for Rupees 1500/- per month. Her sister Zabyn Khan also entered the film industry and has done some cameo appearances in Telugu films.

Turning Point:
It was her debut item number in the Hindi movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. that brought her into the lime light. After that, she became very busy in Bollywood as well as Tollywood and lately Kollywood. She gained more popularity with the item song in the Telugu film Pokiri. In the Tamil film Pokkiri which was a remake of Telugu film of the same name, she also danced in an item song. In Dr. Rajasekhar's film Evadaithe Nakenti, she played a police officer's role named F.Myssama. She has acted as a heroine in the film Bhookailas with Venu Madhav

When she was performing On the New years Eve of 2008 in a localHyderabad Pub, Some revelers spilled beer on her chest, prompting herto quickly cancel the program.All said and done, she has managed to reach where a lot of peoplehave dreamed to be. She originally claimed to have a boy friend in UK.
She has a very gutsy kind of style and dress sense, suitablyprovocative for her roles and image. Highlighted by her piercings andtattoos, she's probably one of the first, after Ria Sen to show apierced navel in the Indian Movie industry.
In her interview with MTV she says she has 5 piercings, 2 on the eyebrows, 2 on her navel, and one on her lip. When actually the visiblepiercings are: one on her navel, one on her tongue, one eye brow.Leaving one to scintillate where the other 2 are.
Her tattoo on her hip in front is large enough to go down her bikinipants and show up on both sides. She also has 2 more tattoos one on herlower back and one on the back of her shoulder.
It said that Her Remuneration for Cameo in Tollywood is Rs 1.5 crores INR now a days.
Her Remuneration for Mysamma IPS is 3.5 Crore

Photo Gallery

Mumaith Khan Hot Stills at Memu Saitam Dinner with Stars Red Carpet Event
Mumaith Khan Hot Stills at Memu Saitam Dinner with Stars Red Carpet Event
Mumaith Khan Hot Gallery
Mumaith Khan Hot Gallery
Mumaith Khan
Mumaith Khan