Mullapudi Venkata Ramana

Lyricist, Screenplay, Story Writer
Mullapudi Venkata Ramana
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Early life
Ramana's childhood was mostly spent in Dhavaleswaram near Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Ramana had one elder sister and a younger brother. It was a happy family with no troubles until his father expired when Ramana was 9 years old. 1 This turned their family status upside down and they shifted to Chennai (called Madras in those days) for better opportunities. Ramana's mother Mrs. Adilakshmi took all the pains to raise the family in such situation. Ramana's education and career happened in Madras itself.

Early Career
After complete SSLC in Madras, Ramana have done many petty jobs before finally taking an first official job as a reporter in Andhra Patrika in 1953 First, he was working for the "Daily" section of the news paper, and then shifted to "Weekkly" section. He was responsible for the "Cinema Page" section in the paper. That was the time when all the big names of telugu literature like Nanduri Ramamohan Rao, Pilaka Ganapati Sastry, Surampudi Seetaram etc were working for the same news paper. Due to the literary environment and friendship with all the poets/writers, Ramana's interest in writing was born and then he never turned back. That was the same time when he got introduced to film industry and befriended the famous stars of film fraternity.

Association with Bapu
Ramana’s association with Bapu on a career plane completes 60 years. They first met in 1942 in P.S. High School, Madras. They studied there in standards V and VI and then continued schooling at Kesari High School.Ramana’s first short story Amma Maata Vinakapothe was published in 1945 in Bala, a children's magazine published by Radio Annayya (Nyayapathi Raghava Rao),he was 14 then. Bapu illustrated the story. That was the beginning of their career as a writer-producer -illustrator- filmmaker duo”.

While Bapu achieved much of his fame sticking to a subtle style of artistic elegance, Ramana announced his entry through a bunch of talkative characters, who try to make no sense out of the sensible world around them, because of their askew point of view. Ramana is the dialogue, story and screenplay writer for many of the movies that came as a Bapu-Ramana combination. He provided an able foil, providing script/dialogue that suited bapu's visuals and this celebrated friendship and professional associatioon gave many good cinemas.