MS Narayana

Date of Birth: May 09, 1950
Director, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Cast, Dialogue Writer
MS Narayana
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M. S. Narayana
Born Mailavarapu Surya Narayana
May 9, 1950 (1950-05-09) (age 60)
Nidamarru,West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Resting place Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh, India
Occupation lecturer, Actor, Director
Children Vikram
Parents Mailavarapu Bapi Raju, Venkata Subbamma

M. S. Narayana(Telugu: ఎం. ఎస్. నారాయణ) is a comedian and director in Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, in south India. He has acted in more than 500 films.
Ms narayana is one of the top telugu comedians of telugu movie industry. He is well known for his own way of comedy with his facial expressions, his body language exactly suits to the charchter. He had played many remarkable comedy roles which are well received by telugu comedy lovers.

Ms narayana was born on may 9th 1950 in Vishakapatnam. Before coming into movies he used to work as a Lecturer in in K.G.R.L College, Bheemavaram. He has one son named Vikram and MS narayana himself introduced his son by directing the movie Koduku in 2004.

He is one of the regular comedians of most of the top telugu movie directors. He had played many comedy roles in which the charchter played in Aanandam as a house owner is remarkable, he was asked to play a character called Rambabu in this movie and the comedy in between him and others co artists makes comedy lovers enjoy a lot. The comedy in this movie is well received and people love to watch this comedy scene number of times and this movie was a big hit which was directed by Srinu Vitla.

The comedy roles played by him suits to the situation with his own way of facial expressions and in most of the movies he played as a drinker. As a drinker he played number of roles and all are remarkable ones with full comedy movies such as chirunavvuto, maa nannaku pelli, kabaddi kabaddi, Hanuman Junction, in this movie a full length scene between ms narayana and lb sriram, venu is a memorable comedy scene.

Besides a busy telugu comedian he had directed his son debut film koduku and in 2007 he directed the movie Bhajantrilu.

The comedy roles played by him in the movie Ottesi cheputunna as Reddy Naidu makes telugu comedy lovers enjoy a lot, Nuvvu naku nachav, in this movie the comedy between sunil and him is funny through out the movie. He is well known for his lecturer chacrters also and most of his lecturer roles are well received the lecturer role in idiot and as a principal in Dil movie are hilarious to watch his comedy scenes.

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MS Narayana Condolences
MS Narayana Condolences