Lady Kash and Krissy

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Lady Kash and Krissy
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Lady Kash and Krissy are an International Rapper and Singer duo from Singapore. Their genre of music falls along the lines of Pop, R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Soul, Urban and World Music.

A glimpse

They were born and brought up in Singapore and their ancestral roots lead to India. The Duo first met and became friends through a Social Networking Site in 2006.1 The Duo had built and earned themselves a steady and rapidly growing Global fan-base in just a few months of having launched their Career in 2008.

Later, they further escaladed and shot to massive Global fame after they sang in a Soundtrack ("Irumbile Oru Irudhayam") which was composed by Double Academy & Grammy Winning Music Composer A. R. Rahman for the 2010 Film Enthiran (The Robot) which was one of 2010's biggest Films and the Indian Cinema's costliest film ever made. The Soundtrack had Lady Kash and Krissy rapping and singing alongside A. R. Rahman himself. That particular track seemed to reach the top spot of the iTunes charts all over India, UK and even US.

The Duo are currently busy crafting out their yet to be titled Debut Album and a Promotional Album titled "Dreams" which will feature a variety of original songs of different styles. Both projects are said to be completed by the mid of 2011. With a quickly growing Global Fan-base, they are steadily becoming a World Wide sensation and a Dual-Feminine Force the Entertainment Industry and World has never felt before! The Ladies are currently overseas in pursuit of their dreams.

Their latest Single "Still You" got released recently and has reached over 20,000 views on youtube within two months of release.


In early 2008, Lady Kash commenced on a solo career in the Music Industry. Later that year in September, Krissy joined forces - establishing themselves as Lady Kash and Krissy from then onwards. During that period, they released a few singles ("Wherever You Are", "Its Your Time", etc). Over the next 2 years, the Ladies continued to build a fanbase and spread their works through their various independent initiatives. In 2009, they went to India and continued to pursue their career from there while upgrading themselves in various areas of the Music Field.

In 2010, Music Composer Joshua Sridhar wanted to check out their vocals for a Film Soundtrack in a Kannada Film. Benny Dayal was the lead Male vocalist in that song while the Rap portion was done by Kash and the lead Female vocalist was Krissy. Benny was impressed by the Duo's vocals when he heard their vocals and had taken immediate notice of them. A few days later, Oscar & Grammy winning Music Composer A. R. Rahman had happened to ask Benny Dayal if he was aware of a Female Rapper or talented vocalists along those lines. Benny Dayal had instantly shared about Lady Kash and Krissy to Music Composer A. R. Rahman.

A. R. Rahman was interested and impressed by their different styles of singing, skills and song-writing capabilities of the duo. This led to the talented young Ladies transcending all expectations and bringing about a new breakthrough by becoming the first International Singer/Rapper Female Duo to contribute to soundtracks in the Indian Cinema. They gave Indian Cinema and its massive audience a fresh new sound when they combined vocals with Double Academy Award Winning Music Director A. R. Rahman in the Soundtrack 'Irumbile Oru Irudhayam' for Indian Cinema's costliest Movie, "Endhiran - The Robot" which had been directed by renowned Filmmaker S. Shankar, and of course Musically directed by A.R.Rahman himself! They had also wrote their own lyrics for the song! Indeed a very Grand Debut in the Film Industry was launched for the young Duo! The song rapidly became the People's Favorite and also went on to create a record by becoming the First Tamil Soundtrack Album to enter and top the International iTunes Chart - namely, the US, UK and AUS charts - that too, in just 4 days after the Movie's Audio Release! Listeners also coined the song the compliment of being the ‘First International Sounding Soundtrack for Indian Cinema’. To top it all off, the Movie starred the biggest names of the Industry; Superstar Rajinikanth and the Beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachan and also became a Milestone in the timeline of the World’s Biggest Movie Industry.

Later, A. R. Rahman also had them contribute to "Semmozhiyaana Thamizh Mozhiyaam", the Official Theme Song for The World Classical Tamil Conference 2010 (2010) in which Kash and Krissy were the youngest Vocalists. The lyrics for the Song were penned by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu himself. Over 65 Singers from India had also contributed to the splendorous Anthem that encapsulates the richness of the Tamil Language, Culture and Literature down the age. The duo had also appeared in the Official Video for it. Lady Kash had contributed her vocals to the Rap portion, and Krissy, for the chorus.2 They said about this opportunity, "We are extremely thrilled and happy to be a part of this anthem as Tamil is our mother tongue and India is the land of our roots as well though we were born in Singapore".2 For them, it was one of their dreams come true to work with Rahman. About the association with Rahman, they said, "On a higher and more powerful level, we believe it was a spiritual alliance as working with Mr.Rahman was one of our dreams".13 "Working on Enthiran was truly a humbling and exciting experience", they said adding that they were thankful to Rahman for his faith in them.

Though "Irumbile Oru Irudhayam" was the first film soundtrack recorded by them, the first soundtrack that got released was "Dochey" from Telugu film Puli. This song was also composed by Rahman and had Lady Kash and Krissy, and playback singer Shreya Goshal lending their vocals. This hip-hop styled sensual song got a lot of recognition as well and added on to the milestones in the Duo's career and this Soundtrack Album broke all existing charts in the Telugu Film Industry which is a segment of the massive Indian Cinema Industry.

Their latest Single "Still You" got released recently and has reached over 20 000 + views on youtube within 2 months of release. Now they are working on their promotional album titled Dreams and their first yet-to-be titled debut album.