Krishna Kumari

Actress, Supporting Cast
Krishna Kumari
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Krishna Kumari was a leading actress of 1960s and 1970s.Kumari was born in Naihali, West Bengal in 1933. She is the younger sister of Telugu actress, Sowkar Janaki.

Krishna Kumari is a noted Telugu actress of the. She was a leading actress and She is a complete Savitri and acted alongside great legendary actors NTR, ANR etc. She acted in Tamil movies too. She has done many films in Kannada too that also with the kannada veteran Dr. Rajkumar, especially in many mythologic films.

She was married to Ajay Mohan and they have a child.After marriage she slowly disappeared from her movie career. She now lives in Bangalore.

Krishna Kumari started her career with movie Navvithe Navaratnalu in 1951.Kumari acted in many Telugu and Tamil movies. She did some mythology movies with Kanta Rao.