J V Ramana Murthi

Supporting Cast
J V Ramana Murthi
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J. V. Ramana Murthi (Telugu: జె. వి. రమణమూర్తి) is an Indian stage and film actor. He is younger brother of J. V. Somayajulu.

He was born on 20 May 1933 in Vizianagaram district. He started acting in playlets during his school days. He got the best performance award for "Vishwa Shanti" of Athreya in Interuniversity Competition. He acted in many plays such as "N.G.O.", "Evaru Donga", "Kappalu", "Natakam", "Keerthi Seshulu", "Kaala Rathri", "Phani" and "Katamraju Katha" and toured the state. His most notable performance is Gireesham in Kanyasulkam of Gurajada Appa Rao. He directed the production and appeared in a record number of performances. K. B. Tilak cast him in the Telugu film M. L. A. in 1957. Subsequently he acted in about 150 films.