J D Chakravarthy

Actor, Director, Music Director, Producer, Singer, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Cast
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J D Chakravarthy
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Real/Other Names:: J.D, Chakravarthi
Date of Birth:: 00, 1970(Age-40)

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Mini Biography

J.D. Chakravarthy, born in 1970 in a Telugu Brahmin family.Telugu film audience, marked his debut in Ram Gopal Verma's debut blockbuster Shiva as a fellow student named J.D. After that, he played a supporting role in a Malayalam film, Ennodishtam Koodamo, before devoting all his time to films under his mentor's, Ram Gopal Verma's direction and production. He starred in some telugu films directed and/or produced by Ram Gopal Verma before Satya, his first Hindi film as a hero and his most prominent role to date, blasted on screens in July 3, 1998. Satyawas critically-acclaimed, though criticized for its gruesome depictionof violence. It was touted to be one of the most underrated films inBollywood history and Ram Gopal Verma's truest and finest masterpiece to date.

After Satya,he did a few Telugu films including 'Kasi' and 'Maa Pelliki Randi'which flopped miserably at the box office. His latest film as an actorwas Vaastu Shastra, a horror film with Sushmita Sen which did moderately well at the box office in Hindi and was dubbed in Telugu like most of Verma's Bollywood productions. He also starred in his first Tamil film in 2002 in a supporting role of a Tamil Tiger fighter in Sri Lanka called Dhileepan, who fathers a little girl, in Mani Ratnam's award-winning masterpiece Kannathil Muthamittal.
Chakravarthy gets a new lease of life J.D. Chakravarthy has returnedto Telugu film industry with Homam. His scintillating performance(dialogue delivery, acting and direction) in Homam has boosted hismarket value with producers and with his growing number of fans.
Homam’s success has brought him laurels as well as prestigiousprojects. Shankar has approached J.D. Chakravarthy to be the villain inhis next magnum opus, Enthiran. JD, as he’s fondly known in theindustry, has also bagged a role in director Vishnuvardhan’s Tamil filmSarvam, starring Arya and Trisha. Dil Raju, one of the most prominent producers.

Apart from Durga, the Bollywood film that he produced, directed and starred in, all his other Hindi films have been produced and directed by Ram Gopal Verma.It's a little known fact that J.D is not his surname. He became known as J.D Chakravarthy due to his debut role as 'J.D' in Shiva (1989).He was only 18 when he made his debut as J.D in Shiva (1989).

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J D Chakravarthy
J D Chakravarthy