Harish Shankar

Director, Screenplay, Story Writer, Dialogue Writer
Harish Shankar
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Harish Shankar is You will be duped to see this young lad for some ordinary guy if you do not know him well. Harish Shankar, a humble guy in early
20s, directed SHOCK - for Ramgopal Varma's production with leading commercial hero Raviteja, and top heroine Jyothika. The name of the film is Shock and is releasing in Andhra on 9th February (tomorrow).
Harish assured an interview to TotalTollywood before the release of the film. As understood, he is quite busy with the project. I contacted him on phone to check on the interview schedule and he said he could do it right away. (That really gave me a Shock). I told him I was far away from the City covering another film on sets. He was kind enough to suggest that it could be done over phone.

During the entire session, Harish was very patient for the occasional breaks. He is so friendly, nice and has a down-to-earth attitude that I quickly became a fan of him as a person. Come tomorrow, he will grab millions of the audience as a favorite director too.

The following are the excerpts.