Nandi Award For Best Villain, Jayam, 2002
Years Active:
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Real/Other Names:: Tripuraneni Gopichand
Date of Birth:: June 12, 1979(Age-31)
Place of Birth:: Hyderabad

Family and Relations

Father: T.Krishna(Director)
Elder Brother:T. Premchand

Mini Biography

Gopichand was 8 years old when his father T. Krishna expired. He completed his studies in Chennai.There was no direct influence of his father on him in his childhood. He did his engineering degree in Russia. He was not interested in films and acting at that time.
His elder brother T. Premchand was working as an associate director to Mutyala Subbayya.Premchand made his debut as director and started working on a filmunder his home banner, but he unfortunately expired in a car accident.Gopichand was in Russia during the death of his brother and could notattend his funeral due to Visa problems.
Gopichand felt the need of someone to carry forward his father'slegacy. As his brother was no more, he decided to enter the filmindustry. After completing his engineering, he did dialogue modulationcourse for a year. Then he made his debut as hero with Toli Valapu.
After doing villain roles in Jayam, Varsham and Nijam, he got a good break with Yagnam movie which turned out to be a blockbuster.He was notified with mass image for his terrific performance in Ranam in 2006. In 2007 his Okkadunnadu became a hit, next movie Lakshyam turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year.His recent flick Souryam turned out to be a blockbuster.
Gopichand has huge mass and lady fan following in Andhra Pradesh. He is very famous for his excellent action and dialogue delivery inaddition to his impeccable comedy timing despite his initial roles as asuccessful villian. These traits make Gopichand one of the mostversatile Telugu hero, something uncommon in Telugu cinema. He iscurrently however the best asset for Tollywood for his action roles.

Photo Gallery

Gopichand New Movie Opening
Gopichand New Movie Opening