Actress, Supporting Cast
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Gajala is a telegu film actress working in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films.She has worked with actors like Dileep, Arjun, and Jr. NTR.She was launched in films in 2001-2002 in Telugu Films and later inTamil and Malayalam Films. She was occasionally confused with TamilActress Sneha for the fact that both of them came to India from the Gulf- Sneha from Qatar,Doha and Gajala from Kuwait. Some rumours also said that Gajala was Sneha's pseudonym in Telugu Films.

Personal life
She lived in Kuwait before her entry into film industry. She attempted suicide by consuming sleeping pills.

Gajala came from mumbai and not from Kuwait. She studied inVidhyanidhi school in juhu.Befor joining a movie she was married. shelived in 1bhk flat in yari road with her mother and two brother beforeeloping with her boyfreind. who later was was her husband. She hidedher marriage from media becuase she feared that no one is going tooffer her any role in the movie. after couple of years marriage herhusband dumped her for another woman...