Dil Raju

Dil Raju
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Real/Other Names:: V Venkataramana Reddy
Place of Birth:: Narsingpalli, Nizamabad district

Raju completed his high school in Mudakpally (3 km from Nizamabad) andstudied intermediate in Nizamabad. He have been attracted to filmssince his 9th class.
He shifted to Hyderabad during inter time. He started working in theautomobile business started by his brothers in RP Road, Hyderabad. Theyused to deal with Tractor spare parts. Incidentally RP Road is famousfor film distribution offices. The drivers and staff of those distribution offices used to come to his shop to do telephone calls. healso used to watch lots of films.He worked in automobile business from1985 to 1991.
He is a telugu film distributor and Telugu film producer who produced hit films such as Dil, Arya,'Bhadra and Bommarillu. His recent Kotta Bangaru Lokam was an instant success at box office and is said to be one of the greatest blockbusters out of Telugu film industry.

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Dil Raju
Dil Raju