Colours Swathi

Actress, Supporting Cast
Filmfare Best Telugu Actress Award for Ashta Chamma (telugu) 2008, Nominated: Filmfare Best Tamil Actress Award for Subramaniyapuram 2008
Years Active:
Colours Swathi
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Real/Other Names:: Swathi
Date of Birth:: April 09, 1987(Age-23)
Place of Birth:: Vladivostok, USSR

Mini Biography

Colours Swati is a popular T.V Anchor on the television show Colours which was telecast on Telugu language station MAA TV in Andhra Pradesh, India. Her tamil film Subramaniyapuram was one of the big hits in 2008 and she was appreciated for her performance.

Film Career:
She got her start when one day while she visited family she did anaudition for a Kids Show. Since she spent most of her life in Hyderabadshe had to study the Telugu language,
"I prefer good command on the language in which you present. Not a mixture of various languages and make it funky"

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Colours Swathi Gallery
Colours Swathi Gallery