Chandra Mohan

Date of Birth: May 23, 1943
Actor, Supporting Cast
Chandra Mohan
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Chandra Mohan or Chandramohan (Telugu: చంద్ర మోహన్) is a Telugu film actor. He acted as Hero, comedy, support character roles in many Telugu films.

Early life
He was born on May 23 , 1943 at Pammidimukala (Village / Mandal) in Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh.He graduated from the agriculture college of Bapatla. He has a brother named Chinnayya.

Chandramohan was introduced in Telugu film industry through the film Rangula Ratnam in 1966. After the success of his first film he acted in many cameo roles to withstand in the industry. In the film Sukhadukhalu, he acted as the caring brother of Vanisri for which he received many praises. In this film's climax he acted efficiently in the scenes of stalwart S. V. Ranga Rao. In the later years though he turned into a comedy actor he proved his acting skills in the serious films like Kotha Neeru, Siri Siri Muvva1 Many heroines who worked with him had their first big hit film starring with him, which propelled them to become big stars, such as Sridevi in Padaharella Vayasu (1978), and Jayaprada in Siri Siri Muvva (1976) (1975). Some of the films in which he was in the lead role are Seetamalakshmi, Radha Kalyanam, Rendu Rella Aaru, Chandamama Raave and Ram Robert Rahim. He is presently doing support roles (father/elder brother) in Tollywood