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Real/Other Names:: Sweety Shetty, Anushka Shetty, Tommulu, Anu
Date of Birth:: November 07, 1981(Age-29)
Place of Birth:: Mangalore, Karnataka

Family and Relations
Father: K .N. Vittal Shetty
Mother: Uramale Prafulla.V. Shetty
Brother(s): Dr. Sai Ramesh (postgraduate in Dentistry) & Gunaranjan (Businessman)

Mini Biography

Personal Life:
Anushka did her schooling and college in Bangalore,and her mother tongue is tulu. She is also called as Sweety by herfamily members and her close best pals call her Tommulu.
Anushkajust-passed her graduation in the Bachelor of Computer Applicationsfrom Mount Carmel college of Bangalore University but she was notinterested in pursuing a career in software industry and instead wantedto get into the fitness world. She is also a Yoga Instructor whose guruis famous yoga master Bharat Thakur who recently married Bhoomika Chawla.

Whenever Anushka is free with her schedule she loves to performyoga. She is also a good instructor as she teaches many yoga posturesto children who come for yoga classes to her. Anushka lovesnon-vegetarian and is also fond of making Sea food dishes such as prawncurries and fish fry salads.
Anushkas favourite actors are Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan,Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Ashok sajjan. She even loves Kajol, Julia Roberts, Soundarya, Sabrina, Simran, Michael Jackson, Rakshita and Jyothika. All above she likes south indian super star NAGARJUNA,very much who has introduced her first. They have the special bond between them. She is also called as anu

Tollywood Film Career:
Anushka made her debut in telugu film tittled SUPER which was opposite to Tollywoods big hero Nagarjuna. Puri jagannath was the director of this film . Director E. Nivas Of Hindi film Shool fame was the person who introduced her to Puri jagannath.She did a guest appearance role with the character name Sasha in thisfilm and was picturised in a glamorous role for this film . It was inthe year 2005 that this film hit the silver screens in tollywoodtheatres.
Then in the same year (2005), she acted in another film which was tittled Mahanandi opposite to hero Sumanthwith another famous hero Srihari acting as her elder brother in thisfilm. Anushkas characters name was Nandhini. She played her characterrole with an impeccable performance.
Then in the year 2006 Anushka made a guest appearance role in the film Stalin opposite to versatile actor mega star Chiranjeevi.
Anushka in the year 2006 acted in the film called Vikramarkuduin which she was portrayed as a sexy girl named Neeraja Goswami.Anushka with her stunning performance and a lot of skin show won allthe hearts of the movie buffers. She also won the critical applausefrom all her critics by her acting skills. She acted opposite Ravi Tejain this film and it turned to be a super hit film according to boxoffice records.
Asthram was her next film in the year 2006. She was cast opposite to hero Vishnuvardhan babu in this film. Vishnu is the elder son to Mohan babusarfarosh this was an average film according to the box office collections.who is a well known actor and also a doctrate degree holder as well aspadma bhushan awardee. she played the character named Anusha in thisfilm . As this film was a remake of the film Hindi film
In this year 2007 her film lakshyam was released. she was cast opposite to actor gopichand.This was a family entertainer. Anushka played the character of indu inthis film and this was also a big hit at the box office .
Her latest film Arundhatigot her rave reviews for her portrayal of the 2 central characters ofthe film both named Arundhati alias Jejamma, separated by a time periodof 3 generations. The film itself was a stupendous box office hitgrossing 68 crores including 10 crores from Tamil Nadu more thansuccessful in recovering its budget of 13 crores. It was dubbed inTamil as well. Anushka's performance was equally well received bycritics and viewers who lauded her with credits for her beautifulperformance in the film.

Photo Gallery

Anushka New Stills At Memu Saitam Dinner with Stars Red Carpet Event
Anushka New Stills At Memu Saitam Dinner with Stars Red Carpet Event
Anushka Hot
Anushka Hot