Actor, Director, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Cast
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Amanchi Venkata Subrahmanyam(AVS) is a journalist, actor, comedian, producer and director. He was born in 1957 January, 2nd at Tenali town, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. He was introduced to the film industry by director Bapu through his film ‘Mister Pellam’ in the year 1993. With his first film Mr.Pellam, he became a comedy star in Telugu film. For his first film he bagged many awards including Nandi Award by Government of Andhra Pradesh. From then till now he acted nearly 500 films in the Past 19 years as comedian, villain and character artiste.

Early life and career:
He won many private and Government awards for both in films and TV he acted so far. He produced two films first film was ‘Uncle ‘and another film was ‘Ori Ni Prema Bangaaram Kanu…!’ He directed 4 films ‘Super Heroes’, ‘Ori Ni Prema Bangaaram Kaanu..!’, ‘Room Mates’, and ‘Kothimooka ‘. He worked as General Secretary to the Movie Artistes Association for 3 terms unanimously.

Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Nandi Award for his Debut Movie "Mr.Pellam" in the Year 1993