A R Murugadoss

Director, Screenplay, Story Writer
Best film award from Tamilnadu government for his movie ‘Ramanaa’, Best film award from Tamilnadu government for his movie ‘Ghajini’, Nandhi award from Andra Pradesh government for ‘Stalin’
A R Murugadoss
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Place of Birth:: Kallakurichi (near Salem), Tamilnadu

Family and Relations

Mini Biography

Personal Life:

Education College:B.A in Bishop Heber College, Trichy
Inspiration for his creativity :Reading books, watching people and movies
Favourite place:Hyderabad
Favorite pasttime:Watching movies
Secret of his success:To tell you the truth, there is no secretto success as such. I start working on a project only when aninteresting subject with social relevance comes my way. Then I try topackage it to attract the audience. Cast, music and gloss are very mucha part of a film’s success

A. R. Murugadoss is an acclaimed Tamil director in Kollywood, the Chennai–based Tamil film industry. He has done five films. He has directed top stars like Ajith Kumar, Vijaykanth, Surya, Chiranjeevi and Aamir Khan. His five films have been classified hits and Ghajiniin Tamil especially received rave reviews for his style of directing.His latest venture is Ghajini in Hindi with Aamir Khan and Asin. Themovie had a big opening and broke many records, and it's an all timeblockbuster. It's the first Bollywood movie to cross the 200 crorebarrier in the collection category. It's said that SRK have requestedhim a good script for his next project.

During1987-1990. In the College he had the great affinity towards Tamil filmsand friends. During his college days, he was active in cultural events,particularly in performing stage mimic shows imitating 'KirubananthaVariar' and famous personalities of cine field. As a student, he was acalm and humble person but his multiple talents during college days andinter-college cultural competitions was often appreciated by all levelsof students and teachers.

His respect to the College and his closefriend circle was expressed by using their names and the College Namein his second hit movie, 'Ramana'. He is a simple person with greattalents and often recalls with his old friends the way he travelled toreach his present position.He is an ardent David Beckham fan.Mr. Murugadoss currently resides in an independent house in AVM Avenue, Virgambakkam, Chennai.

Right from his school days, Murugadoss was inclined towards writingshort stories and novels. Encouraged by people close to him, he movedfrom Kallakurichi to Chennai. He started his career by working withwriter Kalaimani, and then worked as an "assistant director with S. J. Suryah for films like Vaali and Khushi".

His first movie as a director was Dheena, a Tamil film starring Ajith Kumar.It was a commercial mass-entertainer and was a blockbuster. But itdidn't give him so much reputation. His next one was Ramana starringVijayakanth and this movie came out as one of the biggest hits of Vijayakanth.Ramana had a political backdrop and it helped Vijayakanth who was thenan emerging politician.

After the huge success of this mega hitpolitical flick, Chiranjeevi,the Telugu Superstar, who was an emerging politician then, invitedMurugadoss to remake this movie in Telugu . But Murugadoss did only thescreenplay part of the movie which was named Tagore and it was a super hit movie. His third movie was Ghajini starring Surya and Asin.Ghajini is a thriller with romantic elements. This movie became thebiggest box-office hit for actor Surya.

Again Chiranjeevi invited himto direct his first telugu movie "Stalin" which was also a hit movie.After watching the Tamil movie Ghajini, Aamir khan was interested toremake the movie in Hindi and invited him to direct the film. The Hindiversion is also named Ghajiniand was released on 25 December 2008. It became the biggest hit of thatyear. It broke all the records to become the first Indian film to crosscollection of Rs.200 crore mark(INR 2000 million - USD 45 million).