A Karunakaran

Director, Screenplay, Story Writer
Nandi Awards for 2008 films "Best screenplay writer" for the film "Ullasamga Utsahamga"
A Karunakaran
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Date of Birth:: style="color: green;">00, 1961(Age-49)

Mini Biography

style="color: green;">style="text-decoration: underline;">Career:
Karunakaran's first directorial film was Tholi Prema was a sensational hit. That film enhanced Pawan Kalyan's image as an actor. His subsequent films Yuvakudu, Vasu, and Balu ABCDEFG disappointed at box office. Though they failed at box office, the way he presents the movie is superb. His next film Happywas a moderate success. In his films heroines are given importance andare not shown in vulgar manner unlike many directors. This is reallyappreciated by Class Audience. He gives much importance to his story& screenplay rather than skin-show. His first movie Tholi Prema is a master piece. Tholi Prema,Yuvakudu, (somewhat)Vasu, and Happyare the examples for the decency he follows. He is now back with hishit movie "Ullasamga Utsahamga" in which nobody can stop ur laughter.